Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visiting Martin & Catalina...

We went with the Blanco's to visit their friends Martin and Catalina. They live up in the mountains above our town. It was a beautiful drive full of lots of green hillsides and flowers. Here is Maria with Martin and Catalina......Catalina wanted to treat us to a snack..... She mixed corn masa with sour cream and white cheese. Then she threw them on the griddle and got them really crispy. They were very tasty!Catalina showing us the dogs that she breeds.....It was nice meeting Martin and Catalina. We will be going to their home on Saturday night for a cookout with the Blanco's. We are looking forward to it.


  1. Mike and Pat,

    Love your pictures, beautiful country! Keep up all the wonderful things you are doing. Oh, how we miss the farmers markets in Greece. It sound like you are eating healthy.

    Love, Steve and Sybil

  2. the both of you look wonderful and happy