Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Busy Week....

We have had a very busy week. Here is what we have been up to.... Here is Mike in the office that we have set up in our house. We each have a desk and computer so that we can study and prepare our lessons. We also use our netbook to Skype with family and friends when we have time. Mike was preparing a lesson that we give to a group of branch members each week. There are about 15 people who attend and we teach them how to use the "Preach My Gospel" manual and answer questions that they might have about how to share the gospel. We are really trying to encourage the members to be actively involved in the branch missionary efforts.We attended a farewell party for Suzetty the other night. It was nice to meet during the week and see the youth of the branch interact socially instead of just at church on Sunday. Everyone had very nice things to say about Suzetty and they are all extremely excited for her to serve a mission. The branch is only 3 years old and she is going to be the first missionary.We have a very strong group of youth. The great part is that they are truly good friends with each other. They enjoy doing things together and they are extremely supportive.We had an appointment with Jose this week. The Elders had been teaching him before they left the area. We picked up where they left off and we are enjoying our visits together. We invited Jose and his daughter, Kimberly, to go out for dinner.It was Hermano Blanco's birthday and so we all celebrated at one of our favorite pizza places in town. It is called Emilius Pizza and they serve great pizza!We went to visit Honorio and his family again this week. We invited Suzetty to go with us so that she could get some practice for her mission and help us translate if needed. We usually walk the muddy path to his house but we decided to drive this time instead.The path has been cut through dense bushes and trees. It is a very pretty but muddy walk at this time of year.They even have an enormous poinsettia bush growing along the way.Those are just a few of the highlights from our week. We hope that you are all doing well too!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! Lot's of appointments. I think that is great! The kids in your branch look like lots of fun. I am excited to meet them someday.

  2. looks like alot of fun.... pizza night on the munroes! let me know when you have your next pizza outing! I'll bring the whole gang! :)