Monday, July 26, 2010

Las Iglesias Catolicas de la Zona Los Santos.....

We are surrounded by towns and villages that are named after Saints. Thus, the area is known as Zona Los Santos (The Zone of the Saints). No matter the size of the town, one thing is always certain, they will have a Catholic Church. In fact, they all have a Catholic church, a soccer field, and a park in the center of their towns. We pass many of them as we do our errands and make visits. Here are a few of the churches that we see on a regular basis.This is the Catholic church in San Marcos. The picture below is of the same church as seen from our side of town. This church is located in the center of San Pablo.... This one is located in Santa Maria...... Here is a shot of the town of Santa Cruz. You can see that the Catholic church is on the right side of the picture and the large soccer field is on the left. The park is a bit hidden from the trees towards the left. Regardless, you can see that each town has those three things. We have come to learn that the soccer field gets MUCH more attention than the church or the park. That isn't too big of a surprise coming from Central America though.

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