Friday, July 9, 2010

A bit from our week....

We took these pictures of the "cloudy view" on one of our walks this week. Here is Pat headed up the hill....What is the berry on this plant? That would be coffee! We are surrounded by coffee....It grows literally everywhere here. The hillsides and valleys are covered with plantations. It is amazing to think that it all gets harvested.We see many plants that we wouldn't see in Prescott. It is pretty neat to be walking along and see bananas and plantains growing on the trees.We got cleaned up after our walk and went to visit Honorio and his family. We had a nice discussion and look forward to meeting again with them soon. We mentioned their little family in a previous post. You can see that post by clicking HERE.Trekking up the muddy hill to teach.....


  1. You know me and plants: love 'em! You'll see sooooo many pretty ones in CR. I hope you can be content with Prescott when you finish your mission. haha Maybe you'll move down there!

  2. Here's why it took me so long to start seeing your blog. I usually use Firefox for my browser. Why? Good question. Because whenever I would go to your blog, all that was on it was your first post, just as you were leaving the MTC. In fact, that's still all there is. So I switched to Internet Explorer today. Ta Daaaa!
    As simple as that. Sorry it took me so long.

  3. You have a good will surely seem too dry when i get back to Arizona. Guess I will have to make due.....visit Costa Rica but not live here full time.