Sunday, July 4, 2010

La Familia Blanco

We have a new change this week. We will be moving into the home where we will be living for the remainder of our time here in Costa Rica. So, where have we been living for the last two weeks? We have been staying in the beautiful home of Juan and Maria Blanco. Here is the story........ We visited Costa Rica two times prior to serving here as missionaries. On our first visit, we attended church one Sunday in a small town on an entirely different part of the country from where we are today. We happened to meet Juan and Maria at church that day. They, ironically enough, are both Costa Rican but raised their children in Mesa, Arizona. They currently have a home in Queen Creek and have recently built this beautiful home in Costa Rica. Anyway, we chatted with them at church that day and were on our way. Then last year, on our second visit, our daughter Sandi was outside the San Jose Temple and started talking with a woman that she recognized. Yes, it happened to be Maria Blanco. We all started talking and made the connection to our previous meeting in Nicoya the year before. What a small world! They ended up inviting us to stay with them, in the home that they renting, in Zona Los Santos for a couple of nights. We did....and we loved it! A week before entering the MTC, Sandi talked to our mission president on the phone and he mentioned that we would be living in a place called San Carlos. Upon our arrival, things had changed and he said that he was inspired to send us to Zona Los Santos. The President's Assistants drove us out to our new town and guess where we were told that we would be staying. Yes, in the home of Juan and Maria Blanco. They have been amazing hosts and we have had so much fun together. We are going to be moving into their old rental home, where we stayed with them on the previous visit, tomorrow. The reason why it has taken almost two weeks for us to move in is because the owner has been building us a carport garage to cover our car. We are thrilled to have the Blanco's so close to us and we appreciate their friendship. We also feel that they are a great asset to helping us in our missionary efforts to build this area and bring the gospel to the people that we live amongst. Thanks Blanco family!Elder Munroe studying in the living room....Our guest bedroom....The back of their home.....The view from the front of their home....

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  1. Beautiful home! So comfy and lovely. And the Blancos sound like such nice people.