Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Special Trip to San Jose.....

Today we had the privilege of traveling to San Jose and attending a session with a young women who went there for the first time. Suzetti Mora is a member of our branch and she is getting ready to serve a mission in Peru. She is the first person from the branch to serve a mission. Part of her preparation to serve included her attending the Temple. We were glad that we were able to take part in her special day.Here is Suzetti sitting in the Temple gardens......Here are a couple shots of the view on our way to San Jose.....Here we are with Suzetti and her mother, Hermana Mora.....Suzetti and President and Sister Porter. The Porters are a wonderful couple. They have served three missions and he has served as a MTC President and mission president. It was nice to visit with them and see them also take part in Suzetti's special day.Suzetti and her mother in the gardens....We are excited for Suzetti and the wonderful experiences that she will have as she serves the Lord and the people of Peru.


  1. It looks like it was a special day for everyone! I am super excited for Suzetti and the people of Peru. I know that you will be sad to see her leave the branch but she will be a huge asset to the people she works with in Peru. Exciting! Your drive to San Jose is pretty impressive. Looks steep! Of course it is MUCH greener there, but it reminds me of the drive to Jerome where you look off on the big valley below. Beautiful!

  2. Yes nymanzanita, you are going to swallow your tongue over the beauty here in the Los Santos Mts. So will your youngest brother as you two have not see Costa Rica like this in your travels here...even in the Carribean!

  3. Youngest brother? Are you telling me about a little brother that I never knew I had? Just kidding. You must be talking about Royce...the youngest of the three....ha! Yes, we saw the green Carribean side and the dry Pacific side. We havent really seen the mountain regions. I am SUPER excited. That will be cool to have Royce and his whole family visit you too. I can already see the boys running up and down your streets..ha.