Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hogar Dulce Hogar.....

Home Sweet Home! We are all moved in and getting settled in our Costa Rican home. We live in the smaller home on the corner and the home owners sister lives in the larger house above ours. We have a beautiful view of the valley below but it happens to be clouded over today. We occasionally have random dogs that wander into our yard and this one happened to find the porch a great place to take a nap and stay out of the rain. Pat standing at the front gate....Our kitchen....Our kitchen table with some orchids that Pat bought from a woman in town. She walks the neighborhoods selling flowers and so Pat picked up a few at a steal of a price.Here are some yellow flowers that we picked today. Pat thought that they were pretty so we plucked them off of a hillside and took them home.Here is the back of our house. We have a side entrance to park our car. The delay in us moving in was because the owner built us the covering over the car (a carport/garage). It looks pretty nice and seems to be working great with all of the rain that we have been having the last few days.Here is the little car that we bought when we first got to Costa Rica. Our area is very large and it is helpful to get around all of the different parts of Zona Los Santos. We have even used it to go on a branch Temple trip to San Jose. It's first car wash and good cleaning after we bought it.....Our neighbor has many beautiful flowers in her yard. Pat will have to restrain herself and only pick the wild flowers....not the neighbors too.


  1. Doesn't that little car remind you of your Camry 20-25 years ago?! I remember you loved that car. Hey, when I saw that first picture (the first one of this entry), I thought the one behind it was part of your house! I thought, "Fancy!" :) Anyhow, it looks like a cute house, and of course the view's gotta be spectacular.

  2. Si, si, the 2 - story house does look like part of our house but it belongs to our landlord's sister. Our view is nice but not quite what the Blanco's have. Oh well, we are handier to get to town.