Sunday, July 18, 2010

Branch Conference....

Today was Branch Conference and we had a special visit from all of the Stake Leaders. It was nice to meet them and to hear their powerful messages. We prepared a nice breakfast for all of the branch members prior to the meetings today. It seemed to be a success!Here is the kitchen in our church building......Suzetti, Hermana Ballestero, and Hermana Blanco are getting the plates all ready to serve...Our breakfast menu included: French bread, gallo pinto (a mixture of rice and beans), eggs, crema (a cream that is similar to sour cream), pineapple juice, and agua dulce (panela). Here we are eating breakfast with Hermano Blanco.....Everyone grabbed plates of food and mingled before the meetings started.....Hermana Daniela Elizondo Montes and her daughter Maria....This is David and Zulema, a brother and sister, originally from Nicaragua. They are such strong members of the church. They leave their home at 3:30 every morning and walk 1 1/2 hours in order to make it to seminary by 5:00 a.m. They also do this same walk every Sunday so that they can attend their church meetings. That is dedication!Everyone getting settled and ready for the meetings to begin....Our branch president, President Jimenez (on the right), speaking with the Stake President (on the very left) and one of his counselors. This is Suzetti. She just got her mission call to Peru. She is the first missionary to leave from this branch. We will really miss her when she is gone but we know that she will be an amazing missionary. We are excited to go to the Temple with her this week as she prepares to enter the mission field.Today was a very nice Sunday!


  1. What a nice day! It looks like the breakfast was a hit! You are right, gallo pinto is delicious. I remember that I really liked it at the hotel we stayed at by the Temple on our second trip there. Remember? That woman made it REALLY good! Can't wait to hear more about Suzetti and her trip to the temple. Love you...Sandi

  2. Wow, David and Zulema sound like amazing kids. It reminds me of when I taught seminary a couple years ago. Those kids were so dedicated. They came far on the buses and subway system. I remember getting to the church very late and seeing a couple of them sleeping while they waited for me. Great kids! Now you just need to find a couple more kids like David and Zulema to teach and Zona Los Santos will be a ward in no time. Ha!