Monday, July 5, 2010

Saying "good-bye" to our Elders.....

The Elders moved out of our area this week. We had a nice time working with them before they left. We had a few great teaching moments together as well as some crazy adventures in a fierce rainstorm. Here are a few pictures that we took with them. Elder Beddington (from Chicago) and Elder Ampuero (from Ecuador) after church. Elder Ampuero doesn't have a tie on because he gave it to someone at church that day. Elder Munroe enjoying an ice cream cone with Elder Beddington and Elder Ampuero in the park. Hermana Munroe showing the Elders some teaching tools that our daughter, Sandi, made for us to use on our mission. She had used many of these visual aids on her mission and found them to be very helpful. As a result, she made a Spanish set for us to use for Family Home Evenings with the members and investigators. They liked the Plan of Salvation and Armor of God visuals a lot. Here are the Elders playing with their landlords dog in front of their house. There are two homes on the property and they rented the little orange house in the back. Now that they have left the area, we are officially the only missionaries in all of Zona Los Santos. We wish the best for these Elders in their new areas and hope to see them at mission conference in the future. Adios Elders!

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  1. Cute elders. So kind of Elder Ampuero to give his tie away! That's sweet. And I love Sandi's visuals. What a great idea! She's so creative.