Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve....

We watched the sunset on New Years Eve and then got ready to ring in the new year. Mike built a big bonfire and we ordered a pizza from our favorite place in town, Pizza Paraiso, and had it delivered to us on the beach.
We lit the fire and enjoyed watching the glow of about 20 other fires that people had built along the shoreline. This beach is a bay that is an open horseshoe shape and we were in the center of the "u." We were able to see the fires on both sides of us.
Mike bought some fireworks and was setting them off periodically throughout the night. We also enjoyed seeing fireworks being set off all around us. It was quite a different way of celebrating New Years for us, but we really enjoyed the Costa Rican way of celebrating. The fireworks show was pretty spectacular and it was a high tide around midnight so the reflection of the lights on the water was beautiful.
Happy New Year to all of you from Costa Rica...


  1. of course it wouldn't be new years eve without those munroe fireworks! Sandi is queen mother of settin' bombs off! we sure missed her this year, but looks like you had your own sha-bang! :):)
    happy new year you guys!!

  2. Yes, there were no propane tanks on the beach that I could try to blow up...shucks! My dad had quite the show'll have to ask him what happened when he dumped 10 gallons of "Boy Scout Water" on the fire. I am surprised you didnt see his fire all the way in the states.