Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet the Jimenez'......

We recently met a new couple that is moving into our branch....the Jimenez'. We are extremely excited for them to be living in our area because we know that they will be a grand asset to the branch and the members. We have often talked about how our branch would really benefit from having a few more members who have great organizational skills and the ability to serve in leadership positions. This family is perfect for fulfilling those roles.... We invited them over to eat after church last week. It was fun getting to know them better. Hermana Jimenez is a radiologist and they wanted to move to our area to be closer to her clinic where she will hold her practice. Hermano Jimenez was raised in San Marcos and works for the U.S. Embassy. They have four grown children and 2 of them have served missions. They are a very strong couple and seem to have raised a great family. We will get to meet one of their daughters, who will be living with them, when they move into their new home in the next few weeks.
Here is a tasty salad that Hermana Jimenez put together....

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  1. that salad actually looks really refreshing and yummy :)
    its all about the food! lol