Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day 1-1-11.....

This was the sunrise on New Years Day. What a beautiful site to wake up to.
We got out to the beach early and placed our beach chairs in the perfect spot.
We went to a resort called Guanamar for lunch. It is in Playa Carrillo and looks out over the bay. This picture was taken from our table in the restaurant. Here is Pat with a Pineapple drink at a restaurant called Coco's. We went there in the evening for salads and shakes.

Happy New Year!


  1. these pics are amazing. probably some of my favorite so far.
    beautiful beach! oh so jealous!
    and whats up with the horse? still cracking up about that. hahahahaha.
    i guess sandi didn't want to be caught laying in the chair with her string on...
    well that pineapple drink looks yum. wish I could have celebrated your birthday with you like I have in the past! miss you tons! beak

  2. Yes, no big party with Beak and her husband this year...we had to settle for that rotten beach. HA!! It is almost painful looking at these pictures after cleaning the snow off my car for an hour this morning. Oh well, at least we got to enjoy it for 3 weeks together, right? Paradise!!