Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lunch in San Carolos

We took Sandi to San Carlos so that she could see the beautiful view from one of our favorite restaurants. We ate lunch here with Alex and Daniela, a couple from our branch, when they wanted to show us a new dam that is being constructed here in this valley. The restaurant, El Mirador, is perched on the side of this mountain and overlooks peaks filled with coffe plants and banana trees. We had a ver nice lunch and enjoyed speaking with the owner, Miguel. We talked to him last time we were there and mentioned the church to him. He seemed interested in learning more and we told him that we would be back to bring him a Book of Mormon. We took him a copy and Sandi was able to share her testimony with him.

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  1. wow. i can see why its one of your favorite views! amazing! so if you didn't like the food you could spit it out over the ledge and no one would know.. :D but it looks yummy... so I guess that would not be happening...