Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tamale Time....

Just like most Latin American countries, tamales are a traditional food this is shared here during the Christmas holiday. We were given many tamales by our friends and branch members. Each one of them was a little different and had their own unique twist. The main thing that we noticed about tamales here are that they are extremely different from the Mexican style tamales that we are used to eating in the Western United States. These tamales are made from a cooked masa and are wrapped in banana leaves. Hermana Ballestero invited us over for a tamale dinner. Her tamales were delicious and it was obvious that each one was meticulously made with care. Some of the filling included pieces of chicken, carrot, chickpeas, raisins, red chile, potato, and green beans.
Tamales are bundled with twine in sets of two called Pina's. These tamales were made by a different sister and her ingredients varied just a little.
We visited Hermana Rocio at her home and she sent us home with some tamales too.

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  1. sounds like those tamales are similar to something sandi would make. chuck whatever you have in... :) and bake in a bundt pan!
    we made tamales at my moms for christmas. :)
    so did you like these twisted tamales???