Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a coincidence....

We were in San Jose yesterday and we stopped at the "Costco" of Costa Rica to pick up some items. We passed through the food court to get a drink and we noticed some bright white shirts. What a coincidence that we would run into a set of missionaries with one of the Elders from the mission office. They were definitely hungry and were devouring their pizza. We chatted a bit and then we were off to meet up with some members in a ward building in San Jose. You just never know where you will run into missionaries!


  1. Love to see the pictures of the missionaries. We recognized Elder Hernandez. He must still be in the mision office. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and really enjoying the people. The area where you are is truly beautiful. We are so happy for you. Love, Los, Marx

  2. Those guys are lucky. I would have given anything for a good pizza when I was on my mission in Brazil. Life is good in San Jose. :)

  3. OF COURSE you went to "costco"! I remember your weekly visits to costco here, and the great joke about sprinkling mikes ashes at costco so you can visit him all the time! :)

  4. Los Marx:

    We run across a lot of Elders who say they knew you. You better plan on coming here for a visit in the next 16 months and see this beautiful area for yourself!

  5. Hi Grandpa & Grandma,

    It's Brian, Amy, Mitchell, Emily, Gavin, & Trevor. We just finished Home Evening by reading your blog from the very first post. The kids really liked the pictures of the trucks, and Trevor says he loves the volcano (mountain on your sidebar). Is it a volcano? Amy wants to visit now that she knows there's a Costco there.

    Everyone says hi!


    The Brian Munroe Family

  6. Hola Brian, Amy y hijo's,
    Mucho gracias for enjoying our mission blog! Si, that is a of many here in Costa Rica. Si, we mujeres (women)do like Costco, don't we? A visit in the next 16 monthes would be great! We would love to show you all around and meet our new friends. No doubt you would love the pizza, the green lush (everything) but especially the mountains and beautiful beaches. It is fun to see the banana's, avocado's and pineapple growing and hanging from the trees. Like our amigo, Juan Blanco said, " it is wonderful to live where you can have so many fruits & veggies free"!
    We love all of you,
    Sus Abuelos

  7. Regarding the volcano; Trevor says "cool!".