Monday, August 23, 2010

Visitors and more visitors....

We have had a few fun visits from returned missionaries that have come back to Costa Rica to visit their friends and members of the church. Elder Howell stopped by the other day to say "hello" and see who the "new couple" in town were. We had a nice visit with him and enjoyed meeting his friend from San Jose who brought him to San Pablo for the visit. Good to meet you Elder Howell!He is obviously a returned missionary and so he doesn't go by the title "Elder Howell" anymore but I can't remember what his first name is so I'll just call him Elder.....Our next group of visitors stopped by on Sunday night. We had just settled in for the night and we heard a knock at the door. To our surprise, it was a young man named Douglas and his parents, Jim and Nancy Bailey. We had seen Douglas in the San Jose Temple when we went with Suzetty a few weeks ago. Since then he completed his mission and returned back to Snowflake, Arizona of all places. What a small world! He and his parents flew to Costa Rica together and are visiting the areas that he served. We had a very nice visit and even got to catch up on some Arizona news from the area that Pat was raised in.Thanks for stopping by!

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