Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Sunday Review....

We had a great day at church today. It was nice because we had a great turn out and some of the people that assist regularly weren't even there. It was also special because it was Suzetty's last Sunday before she goes to Peru. She traveled to San Jose after church to be set apart as a missionary. We are all very excited for her! Here are some pictures that we took after church.....Elder Munroe with the Ballestro's. Hermano Ballestro is the mission leader in the ward and Hermana Ballestro is the Relief Society President. They have accompanied us on a few of our teaching appointments. We are also going to have Family Home Evening in their home this Monday with one of our investigators (Jose Jimenez) and his family.
Alex, Danila, and baby Maria. Alex is Suzetty Mora's brother......
Darim and his mother Margorie. Darim is planning on serving a mission soon. We attended his birthday party at their home on Friday night. It was really fun to be in their home and to celebrate with them.Hermana Mora and her son Fabricio. Hermana Mora is also the mother of Alex and Suzetty.This is Honorio and two of his three children. We have been teaching Honorio and his family for a few weeks now. He has attended church twice and has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily. We are really pleased with his progress and enjoy hearing him pray and share his feelings about what he has learned. Jose Jimenez with his sister and her daughter. Jose has finished all of the discussions and enjoys attending church. We continue to work with him and hope that he will be ready to get baptized soon.This is Liliana. She lives high in the mountains above our house. We wanted to visit her but found out that you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to her home. She is going to take us to her home next week after church so we can have lunch together.This is the Branch President, Presidente Jimenez, and his wife....These are the Jimenez' daughters....Suzetty on her last day at church. She gave a very nice talk today and taught her lesson to the investigator class. Good Luck Suzetty!


  1. Great pictures! The members in your branch look like such good people. I am excited to meet them all in a few months. I especially like the pictures of Honorio and Jose. I think that it is GREAT that they have been attending church. Maybe your branch will have a couple of baptizms in the next few months. What do you think?? I'll keep them in my prayers....

  2. so is there a story behind the tile floor?? I love it!! that is so unique!

  3. Sandi y beak......Yes, I do think that your Dad ( Eldera Munroe) will be standing in the baptismal waters quite a bit in the near future! About the tile floor. The church rents the house that we meet in. It is not a chapel. We actually have Sacrament meeting in that carport. It is nice with fresh air but can get cold when it rains. We need a chapel built for us REAL soon!