Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cute Carolina....

This is Carolina & her older sister Stephanie. They live up the hill from us & we are new friends.We had seen them around the neighborhood before but had never talked to them. We walked up the street the other day and noticed this little girl in the distance. She was waving her arms and acted so excited to see us. As we got closer she ran down the hill and her face was lit up with excitement as if she had known us forever. She hugged both of us and she kissed us on our cheeks. We have had many kisses on our cheeks here, it is the typical way of greeting someone here, but this was different. She gave us smooches on our cheeks and was about to burst with happiness. We smiled and stood there kind of stunned because we were so surprised. She called to her mother to come meet us and so we talked for a few minutes and went on our way. We couldn't help but think about her cute face and beautiful smile as we went on with our day. We wish that we knew what she was thinking and why seeing us made her so happy.Many of the locals wait for the bus in front of our house. We looked out the other day and Carolina and her sister and mother were waiting for the bus. We went out and talked with them for a while and we got to snap a few pictures. We are glad that we met this cute family and especially Carolina.....she is a very sweet girl!

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