Thursday, August 19, 2010

El Cartero....

Meet our mailman (cartero). Yes, we get our mail delivered on a motorcycle. We see him zipping around the hills delivering mail and we have had him stop at our place a few times. Our daughter has sent us three different packages and we have received them all. We have sent postcards back to the states and they have all reached their destinations. Luckily, we have had no problems with mail here (knock on wood).


  1. Hi Grandpa & Grandma (Abuelos),

    We just finished celebrating Amy's birthday & Home Evening and are spending a few minutes catching up on your blog. We especially liked this post about El Cartero. Gavin said that he looked like a policeman at first sight. Mitchell likes his helmet. Trevor likes his motorcycle. Emily likes his man-purse. I think he has a great smile and looks like a cool dude. Amy agrees with all of the above. Hope you guys are doing great.


    Brian, Amy, Mitchell, Emily, Gavin, Trevor, Max (shiba inu), Herbie (balloon fish), Flame (guppy), Gilligan (guppy), Shockers (beta), Sluggo/Sluggy (slug), Flippers (African dwarf frog)

  2. We are glad all your ( Brian )family,including the our mailman. He is a cool dude. Today he delivered a wedding announcement on our front porch by putting a rubber band around the envelope and tossing it like you would a newspaper. He placed it well .... our front gate is locked so he threw from his motorcycle.