Sunday, August 1, 2010

The hills are alive with....Coffee!

The hills, ridges, and valleys, of the Los Santos region are COVERED with coffee plantations! They are alive with coffee, not the sound of music! It seems like almost everyone that we know owns some coffee fields. Many of them own huge plantations and others own just a few acres. We are in the "wet season" right now and it is relatively quiet around town. We have been told that we will see some big changes in just a few months. It will be time to harvest the coffee and it will be a very busy place. Approximately 400 people come from Panama each year to work in the coffee fields. Sounds like we'll be getting some new neighbors soon..... A "must have" for these coffee farmers is a truck like this. We see them everywhere! This coffee truck came in handy for us one day....some friends of ours lent us a dresser for our home and it was delivered to us in a coffee truck.We ran onto one of the coffee processing plants the other day. The coffee farmers take all of their coffee beans and sell them to the factories around the region. Our landlord owns quite a few acres of coffee and he sells his beans to this company.This plaque says, "Coffee with a human face." It was erected to celebrate 35 years in business. The short bushes that you see covering the entire hillside is coffee....


  1. so do the hills smell like the coffee isle in frys? i LOVE the smell of coffee.. just like sandi likes the smell of new carpet!

  2. Oh yea, I remember beak! I'll try and find you a coffee smelling candle or bathroom spray!

  3. Yes Beak, carpet and wet cement!