Friday, January 28, 2011

Missionary Cottage Meeting....

Our Branch Mission Leader, Hermano Ballestero, planned a nice Cottage meeting to try and boost branch member involvement in the local missionary efforts. Sadly enough, the meeting was poorly attended by branch members. The great news is that we had 4 adults and 3 children, all who are not members of the church, attend the meeting. We met at the church but decided to take everyone over to the Blanco's home to have a cozier "family" atmosphere after realizing that the electricity was out at the church. Hermana Munroe and Hermana Blanco......
Hermano Ballestero led the meeting and shared his testimony. It was very powerful and the spirit was very strong as he testified of the Saviors love. He had to pause many times because he was choked up and had tears in his eyes. Elder Munroe shared the Plan of Salvation video and Hermano Blanco shared a few scriptures. Hermana Blanco shared her testimony and even pulled a framed picture of her family off of the wall and testified of eternal families. Elder Munroe passed out Book of Mormons to the 2 people that did not have one and Hermana Munroe gave the closing prayer. A nice thing was that every member that attended, only 6 including us, were able to serve by taking part in the program.
We finished off the night with hot chocolate and cookies that Hermana Munroe baked. It was a very nice night and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully we all were able to plant some "spiritual seeds" in the hearts of our friends that will someday grow and bless their families.

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