Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Hermana Munroe....

We celebrated Pat's birthday in San Jose yesterday. We returned from Samara, Guanacaste and needed to stay in San Jose so that we could get Sandi to the airport. It made for a fun setting to have a nice family dinner and celebrate together. In lieu of a birthday cake, Sandi bought a watermelon in Guancaste and served a piece of it to Pat with some curly candles that sparked.
Pat blowing out the candles...all 35 of them....ha!
.....and she did it!
Butterfly earrings from Gaunacaste were among some of the gifts that she got....Then we headed to Outback Steakhouse in Escazu, San Jose for a nice dinner.
Happy Birthday Hermana Munroe


  1. yay!!!! looks like a great party! i laughed my butt off about the watermelon... seeing as how we tried to find some for brother day and they are 1,000.00 each right now when they are out of season! and the outback entry looks exactly like the one in prescott used to look before it closed down. i hope they sang nice and loud to ya!!! happy happy birthday! love you tons!!! beak

  2. Ya...I think that watermelon cost me $1.20 or something. Beak needs to fly the fam, all 9 of them, to Costa Rica for their celebration next year.

  3. Hey, this is so great! I love seeing what you're up to! We pray for you...
    It's amazing that you've been gone this long.
    I love you!