Thursday, January 20, 2011

We're legal....

We went to San Jose on Tuesday to pick up our residency cards from the immigration complex. We have been waiting for a long time and it was nice to finally have these important cards in our possession. Estamos legales! We are officially considered "Tico's" now! We finally got our residency cards after waiting for 7 1/2 months.
This is one happy group of Elders! There were about 40 missionaries with us at the immigration offices and we all got to pick up our cards. These Elders will be able to walk with a little more assurity in their steps from now on. We have had missionaries who have had to spend the night in jail for being stopped by the police and not having their residency cards.
Elder and Hermana Munroe entering the Immigration complex....
Here is the proof! We aren't illegal anymore.....even if our pictures do look like we are WANTED CRIMINALS.
Hermana Munroe and some of the Elders....
President and Sister Larkin....he is the 2nd counselor in the Costa Rica Temple Presidency.


  1. Felicitaciones! Congratulations Mom & Dad! It must be a relief to no longer have this worry in the back of your minds. You guys look great. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! Can't belileve it took so long. We thought we had things in order so it would only take 3 months. They must have changed the immigration rules, and made it harder. You know your residency card gets you discounts at the museums and resorts, hotels and other tourist places. Always ask before you pay. The Gold museum in San Jose is half the price with your card. Looks like you are having a great experience. We're so happy for you.

  3. Hi LaRein....8 months seems to be the average time for the residency cards to come through now. It was longer than we wanted, that is for sure. Nice to hear from you.