Thursday, September 2, 2010

You never know where you'll find a BYU fan.....

This is Jose and Miriam Castro (they have a little girl named Maria too). They own a place called Pizza Mia Express Restaurant in San Pablo. We first met them when we stopped to eat dinner there last month. They were very friendly, spoke very good English, had Yankee memorabilia on the walls, and their pizza was "to die for!"
We were on our early morning walk through the streets of San Pablo last week and stopped to admire a lovely home that we saw on the hillside. We saw a couple standing on the patio and then we recognized that it was Jose and Miriam. We had no idea that they lived there. They were happy to see us again and invited us up. One of the first things that we noticed was Jose's BYU t-shirt. We asked him about it and he said that he liked BYU and Nike. We explained that BYU was our church's University. He had no idea and we made a mental note of how we could use BYU football as a way to introduce the church to them.
They are very proud of their new home that they had built just a year ago and were quick to tell us that they got a lot of American design ideas while living in New Jersey for 10 years. They went on to explain that Ikea is one of their favorite places for fun decorating ideas. It was fun to talk with them and see their beautiful home.
We snapped this picture as we were leaving because we couldn't believe how big their avocado tree was. They also have a great view of the valley from their porch. They chose a great place to build their Costa Rican home.


  1. How funny! I bet you were really surprised when you saw him wearing that shirt.

  2. Now you've got your work cut out for you....:) Amazing that he'd like BYU, and not even know much about them. Hey, did you hear about our beating Washington last Sat.?