Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Relative in the Mission....

We traveled to San Jose this weekend so that we could attend the temple with our branch. We are staying in a hotel so that we could get a few errands done in San Jose before heading back to our town. We decided to attend the Escazu Ward here in San Jose this morning. The chapel was the closest to our hotel and little did we know that we would find Elder Mitchell there. Elder Mitchell (from the Salt Lake area) is a nephew of our daughter-in-law Susan (Royce's wife). We knew that he was serving in Costa Rica but we weren't quite sure what area he was currently in. It was a nice surprise to run onto he and his companion, Elder Benedit, today.
He said that he saw us walk down the hallway and he figured that we must be "The Munroe's." He was right! We were very impressed with him and glad to know that we have a "relative" serving in this great mission with us.

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