Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chayote and Anona....

See any interesting veggies or fruit? We have started to used some veggies that we were not used to using at home. They are very tasty and even better than that, they were all free! W came home the other day, after hiking behind our home, and had a bag full of chayote, avocados, and blackberries. It is nice to just pick off of the hillsides.....nice, fresh, and free!
Chayote (pronounced "chai-oh-tay") can be seen growing everywhere. We see it along the roadways and it climbs to the tops of trees. No one should ever have to pay for chayote! It is free for the picking. It actually tastes much like a potato (papa) but is in the Squash family. It can be cooked up in various ways; added to soups, sliced and fried like french fries, or mashed up. I did the latter and made little cakes by cooking them, mashing them with some butter and then I fried them crispy like potato cakes.
You may have to look close but you should be able to see the chayote hanging on the plant.
It takes over plants and fences and pretty much grows anywhere and everywhere....

The anona tree grows all along the roads where we live. They are sweet but have many large seeds. We have been told they are very good and nutritious. Again, you might have to look close to see them hanging in this tree but I can assure that they are EVERYWHERE. They have a very dark green skin that blends in with their leaves.

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  1. Looks delicous! I'd love to try any and all of the veggies of Costa Rica.