Tuesday, September 21, 2010

P-Day Excursion...

There is a huge dam being constructed about a one hour drive from where we live. It is part of the Pirris Hydropower Project located on the Pirris River basin (Pacific Slope). It is nearing completion. Alex Fuentes, a member of the Branch, works on the project. He invited us to visit the dam site with him and his wife Daniela. So on our P-day this week, we took him up on the offer. The dam is 370 feet high and very impressive. Right now all of the river water passes through the dam but in December of this year they will cut the flow to begin filling the valley shown in the pictures. Eventually a huge lake will form behind the dam. A conduit at the bottom of the dam will carry the water under high pressure seven miles down stream to the power house where two huge turbines will generate the electricity. We found it all very interesting and felt lucky to get a tour. Afterwards, we ate lunch at the "Restaurante Mirador Las Brisas" which overlooks the Pirris River valley and the mountains beyond.

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