Thursday, September 16, 2010

Independence Day School Program.....

Tuesday night kicked off thousands of Independence Day celebrations all over Costa Rica. We wanted to take part in the festivities and so we attended a community program in San Pablo. It was put on by the local school children and they performed various dances and wore traditional clothing. After the program, the families walked through the dark streets holding lanterns. Most of the people make their own lanterns, called a farola in Spanish, and others choose to buy them from the street vendors. Each lantern has a candle or some kind of light inside of them and they light them to show the way home. This is Ginette, our investigator, and her daughter. We taught them just before going to the school program and they wanted to show us their lantern.

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  1. That is such a neat thing for the community to do together. I like how all of the families are together celebrating. I am sure that it is fun for them to decide what their lantern will look like and then to make it, etc. Fun!