Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A "Run" for the Border.....

Yes, A RUN FOR THE BORDER! Not for tacos...... but to get our Passport's stamped. Our 90 day limit, that is granted to all visitors, expired a while ago and we still have not received our residency cards. The mission lawyer and office Elders aren't sure when we will be receiving them, so we thought it was best to stop being "illegals" and make the 6 hour drive to the Costa Rica/Panama Border. The town is called Paso Canoas, Canoe Pass. Luckily, we were successful in getting our passports stamped for another 90 days! The town was bleak and lacked charm of any kind. We could say much more but will leave it at that. We were thankful to have our stamps and even more happy to be able to leave.
On the way to San Jose from Panama, we stopped in a couple towns along the way. As we approached Dominical, we saw a whole pack of White Nosed Coatamundi. They were right out on the road and even got close to us. They seemed very comfortable and acted like they owned the place.
We continued on to Quepos and saw these men working the palm groves. It is obviously an old method to use the Ox teams but is very common in Central America.

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  1. wow! those animals are hilarious!fun!!!