Monday, October 11, 2010

Aerobics at the Munroes...

Welcome to the Rosario Latin Aerobics class at the Munroe Casa! These ladies were at our house today and they shook and shimmied their hips to various Latin beats....much like Zumba. Why at our house? Well, because we have the largest paved space in the neighborhood and it is covered. The gals can workout and not get wet during our torrential rains. They had been wanting to ask us permission to workout here and finally got the chance at a recent town meeting. Of course, we said YES!
They will be meeting here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you're in the area and want to get your heartbeat up....stop by!
The gal in the red pants on the right is the instructor. The gal behind her in the black pants and brown jacket is currently reading the Book of Mormon and seems to be gaining a testimony of its truth. We are glad that we are able to share our home with these women and we will be sure to post any crazy adventures that we may have with them as they swing and jive on our patio/driveway.


  1. How fun! That is so cool that they come to your place to workout. I wonder if the woman makes up her moves or if she indeed does watch some of the Zumba dvds. I guess I will find out when I am there. :)

  2. love it! :) zumba in costa rica!! :) shake it pat!