Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pizza Time with the Campos Family....

We went to San Jose this week to take care of some paperwork. We met up with Obispo (Bishop) Juan Campos and his family for dinner at Pizza Hut. We have mentioned him many times before because he was our first friend in Costa Rica. We met him over 3 years ago when we came here on vacation for the first time. We made arrangements for him to be our taxi driver and then a friendship grew. He is also close to Royce and Sandi because they have spent time with him and still communicate through email and phone. Familia Campos, gracias por compartir un buen noche con nosotros!
Juan's wife, Ana, and their cute daughter.....
Juan and their son.....


  1. These look like such nice people. Have you placed a Book with them yet?

  2. Uh oh, I just reread and see that he's a bishop... No wonder they're such fine looking people! :)