Sunday, October 17, 2010

Branch Bus Trip to Stake Conference....

We went with our branch on a little outing today. Our branch rented a bus so that we could all travel together, about 2 hours away, to attend Stake Conference . The Stake Center was in Desamparados, a part of San Jose. We walked a mile from our home to San Pablo this morning and were the first ones to board the bus. Hermana Munroe was ready to go....
Here is Elder Munroe with the bus driver and his son. We left San Pablo and drove onto San Marcos and Santa Maria where we picked up more branch members. There were 22 members that made the trip.
This is the Stake Center in Desamparados...
Here is the Fuentes family waiting to board the bus....
This is President Jimenez, our branch president, rounding everyone up for our trip home. It was a very nice day. We heard messages from our Stake Presidency as well as our Mission President, President Galvez, and his wife. We also heard from the Temple President, President Porter, and his wife. We estimated that about 600 people attended the conference . After conference, we met with our branch and ate lunches that we had packed from home. We said our "goodbyes" and boarded the bus for our 2 hour ride back home. Nice day!


  1. That must have been a great day! Esp. with riding the bus and eating sack lunches and all. Kind of a fun twist. Reminds me of stake conf. in Snowflake years ago. Didn't we sometimes eat baloney or egg salad sandwiches at noon? :)

  2. What a nice day that must have been. The bus looks pretty comfortable...lucky for you! I cant wait to meet Alex and Daniela. They are such a cute family and they seem to be such strong members of the church. Ya, people here pack lunches to eat in between the morning and afternoon sessions of General Conference. I guess they just dont want to have to leave the church and walk to the subway and then return later. Kind of funny.

  3. love the handbag!