Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome to the Branch....

We are so excited for this wonderful family. You might remember us posting about them last Summer and Fall.....Jairo, Ginette, and Deilyn. We worked with them when we first got here and we taught them all of the discussions. They had a few obstacles to conquer and one of them was to be married. We had a nice wedding for them and had multiple dates set for baptism. They both had a keen desire to be baptized but seemed to have difficulty overcoming some of their previous habits and addictions. After months of meeting with them on a weekly, sometimes a daily basis, they seemed to have drifted away and lost sight of their goal to become members of the church. Through many trials, they reappeared at church a few weeks ago and wanted to be baptized. They received the discussions again and were baptized in June. They have been extremely active in the branch and have added to the spirit there. We are excited for them and their decisions to come closer to Christ.

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  1. woohoo!!! finally! im sure you feel your work is complete now! so come home already!