Friday, July 22, 2011

El Profesor....

Elder Munroe has been teaching Honorio English for many months. He usually comes to our house for lunch and a lesson twice a week. He has progressed over fhe last few months and is eager to learn. El Profesor also helped him set up a Yahoo account so that he can communicate by email with his family in Panama. Then they made a trip to the Internet Cafe in San Marcos this week so that he could learn how to log-in and use the services that they provide. They rounded off the week with a quick driving lesson. That seemed to be a little less successful. Honorio couldn't quite figure out the correct balance of using the gas, brake, and clutch. They jerked and bounced up and down the roads a bit and after the dust settled, decided to call it a day. This week will bring more English learning....


  1. you'll be ready to teach at Yavapai when you get back! :)