Saturday, June 11, 2011

Game time in Los Santos

The fun continues with having Royce, Susan, and their kids here in Costa Rica. We started out two weeks ago in San Jose and after a few days there we traveled to La Fortuna, Arenal. We had fun showing them many places that we had been to in our previous travels. They liked the thermal baths, ziplining, and we were extremely pleased that they were able to see the top of the volcano. It was clouded over on our first trip there and we never saw more than the base. We then traveled back to our "neck of the woods" and showed them our around our area in Los Santos. The Ballestero family lent us some games and the kids especially like playing Twister at our house.Grandpa got in on the Twister action too....

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  1. thats the best picture of grandpa playing twister. :)