Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Special Saturday....

We had a very special day Saturday. Honorio, Maria, and Jason, their son, were all baptized. We have posted about them many times before. We started teaching them back in July when we first arrived in our area. We have gotten to know their family very well of the last 8 months and we consider them close friends. We are so happy for them and their decision to be baptized.We first started teaching them when we were staying with the Blanco's. They used to live by them and they would occasionally talk about the church. We taught them all of the discussions and Honorio committed to baptism months ago. We have continued to be friends with them and have had them over to our home many times for activities and meals. Maria Blanco started to speak to Maria about the church alot over the last couple of months and the new Hermanas started to visit them recently. It was truly a joint effort to help this family finally join the church.
Maria, Jason (who turned 8 in January), Neilyn, Honorio, and little Mario....
Here we are with them before the baptism.....
Elder Munroe baptized Honorio and Jason. Hermano Blanco baptized Maria. We held the baptism at a members home, the Jimenez. They are new to the area and are renting a very nice home that has a jacuzzi in the backyard. We visited their home for the first time in December. Elder Munroe said, " all may see a jacuzzi but I see a baptismal font!" We feel blessed that we were able to use the jacuzzi/baptismal font.
Neilyn was so happy that day. She had a big smiled and seemed to understand that it was a special day. She looked so cute!
We are thankful for these times in our mission where we are able to see positive changes in the lives of the people that we are serving. We are grateful for the opportunity that we had to take part in teaching this humble family. We have faith that they will be a strength to the branch.

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  1. Wow, It looks like you are having great success. We are so happy for you. We recognize only one elder from a year ago. Pretty soon we won't know anyone there. Your home and pictures are lovely. I'm working on making a bound book from my blog. It's still online and I don't use it any more. I didn't write the blog in word first and copy it, so I have to copy and paste it back to word for the book. Los Marx