Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Las Hermanas arrived in Los Santos!!

Our prayers have been answered....we are thrilled to have Hermana Torres (Honduras) and Hermana Moss (Idaho) here serving with us in Los Santos. We have been praying that a set of Hermanas would be sent to this area to work with these wonderful people....and it happened!! They got here on Thursday (February 10th) and we have been on the "run" with them ever since. We have been taking them around to meet the members as well as the many people that we know from around town and the people that we have been teaching. It has been busy but very successful!
We took these pictures after church on Sunday. Hermana Moss played a keyboard during sacrament and it was a nice touch to the meeting. The members seemed to enjoy the change and it was a nice way for her to be able to be involved on their first Sunday here. We were all thrilled because Honorio and Maria attended church with their three little ones. We all went back to our home after church to break our fast and enjoy a nice meal together.
Here are the Hermanas sharing a spiritual thought at the home of one of the members, Miriam. She was baptized last year and had been quite active. She has been struggling to attend over the last few months though....it was nice to stop by and let the Hermanas get to know her.
We took them out to Emilius Pizza, one of our favorite restaurants in town, the night that they arrived. It was fun to chat and get to know each other a little. Then we "got down to business" and talked about the area and planned our appointments with them for the week.
We feel truly blessed to have the Hermanas here. They have been working very hard this week and seem to have really meshed well with the members and people around town. We hope that as a team in this area, we will be able to continue to represent the church and Lord in a way that people will want to know more about his church. We have faith that the Lord has prepared miracles that will soon be realized in this area. Welcome Hermanas!!

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