Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

Our days have been consumed with preparing to return to the states soon and saying good-bye to all of our friends and branch members in Los Santos. It has been busy.... We were invited to lunch at the Ballesteros home. Vivi Quijano is Hermana Ballesteros daughter and was Hermana Munroes Spanish teacher. She has become a great friend.

Leda Ballestero has been our closest friend in the branch. She was the Relief Society president when we arrived and has been a great support in our efforts. We have shared many nice meals together, in both of our homes, including Thanksgiving. They had never celebrated Thanksgiving before but thought that it would be something special to prepare for us. It was very thoughtful of them....

Leticia is our neighbor and walking partner. She is sister to the owner of our home, Guido. Leticia is a school teacher and her schedule prevented her from walking with us every day. However, every break that she had and occasionally on the weekends, she was at our place early in the morning and we were off on an adventure. We walked and hiked many miles with her over the time that we have been here and it has been fun. She is full of humor, good stories, and laughs.

Sohpia and Edwin Jr....

We visited Christopher, Helen and little Cristian in their new home. Helen is also a sister to Guido and Leticia. They used to live above our house and recently moved a few blocks away to a new home that they had built. Cristian is such a cute little guy and it is fun to see him playing when he visits his grandparents house on our block.

Carolina and her brother stopped by. Very sweet and humble little kids. They live way up the mountain behind our house. We took them Christmas gifts this year and it was touching to see how appreciative and excited they were for the unexpected surprise.

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