Sunday, September 18, 2011

My how fast a year goes by....

September 15th marks the Annual Independence Day for Costa Rica. Once again we enjoyed attending the school children's' lantern (Faroles) parade the night before. The children can either make their farol or they can buy it. Their faroles are lit up with a candle or a small light and they carry it (or them) through the streets of town. The picture above is of Jason, Honorio and Maria's oldest son, at the park with his farol.

Each city and town in Costa Rica has their own celebration with the people of their community for Independence Day. The children usually dress up in typical clothing for the festivities.

Max and Lara stopped by to show us their outfits....

Then we were off to one of the local parades to see the costumes and bands....

Here is Fabricio Mora, one of the boys from our branch, leading his school group. We saw him playing in the band last year and were surprised to see him leading the crew this year.

Everyone LOVES this band that plays at the end of the parade. It is a college band and they do a great job. They sling their big bass drums like "hula-hoops" around their shoulders and put on quite a show. Then everyone meets in the park in front of the judges tables for the end of the parade.

Feliz Dia de Independencia a Costa Rica!!

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  1. How are you doing?
    Sundt is doing OK so far.
    The Sundt/Vastco JV has started, so far, so good.
    We bought a house for my stepson and his wife to stay at while they go to ASU.
    Pretty brutal recession, hope that it gets better soon.