Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baptism Day.....

There was a baptism service held this afternoon for three young girls that the Hermanas taught. They have been attending church for a few weeks and were excited to be baptized. We still do not have a baptismal font that is in great working condition, so we met at a members home and used their jacuzzi again. Here are Elder Munroe and Honorio at the baptism. Honorio looks great in his new church clothes! He was baptized along with his wife and son on February 26th. They have become a very active part of the branch and we are so thrilled to have been able to have taught them.
Hermana Torres and Hermana Hernandez singing during the baptismal program.....
The Hermanas with the three young girls to be baptized. (L-R) Julie, Hermana Hernanadez, Guady, Hermana Torres, and Fabiola.
Here is the same group with Honorio & Presidente Jimenez.
Presidente Jimenez baptized Julie (age 12). She is a neighbor to some members in the branch.
A special treat for us was to see Honorio baptize the other two girls. He was asked to take part and he gladly accepted. Guady (age 9) and her sister Fabiola (age 10) are cousins/nieces to a family in our branch.


  1. Hi Pat and Mike,
    You sure do a wonderful job of keeping ;your blog updated!
    Doris and I got back home from there on the afternoon of the 4th. Had a super 10 days and now we know why you have so many beautiful flowers down there. Stayed the first two days in San Jose and went up to the volcano (no clouds!) and coffee fields, etc. Even saw the Chinese play Costa Rica in soccer. Then headed east to Torteguea and the Atlantic for two days. Saw lots of monkeys, bananas, alligators and tons of birds. Next two days went west to Fortuna and stayed by the volcano (again clear skies!) and more beautiful flowers plus toured the city and hot springs. Went to the Marriott on the Pacific for 2 days and was quite hot. Saw more wildlife and did the hanging bridges, etc. More alligators on the way back to San Jose and stayed down town this time.
    Was a great tour and they treated us fantastic. We got lucky and had a super tour guide that was very fluent in English and very helpful. Our group of 36 were all pleasant and so made it fun. We found the country to be exceptionally beautiful but hot and snakes! The people were of course very nice and cortial. Very glad we went.
    Hope you two are fine and we enjoy the blog to see what you are up to. The weather here has been cool but now in the 70s and we got some moisture this spring so looking good for now. Miss you two and will welcome you home, guess next year?? Take care and keep up the good work. -Jim, Doris and Maggie

  2. See photos here, reminds me of when I was baptized 15 years old ago. I am happy to be part of the kingdom of God. Thank you