Monday, November 29, 2010

Baptism at Los Chorros Waterfall

We traveled to a beautiful, majestic place just outside of Grecia on Saturday for a baptism. Elder Munroe had the opportunity of baptizing a great man named Jose Luis. We met him a few months ago in San Pablo. He had a child with one of the women in our branch but they have since separated. He was in town to visit his son and we ran onto him at church. Elder Munroe spoke with him and gave him a Book of Mormon and a Principios del Evangelio (Gospel Principles) manual as a gift. He returned to his town and we didn't see any more of him. Last week we got a call from our Zone leaders in Naranjo informing us that they have been teaching Jose Luis in their area. He was ready to be baptized and requested that Elder Munroe have the honor of baptizing him. Jose Luis said that he wasn't really interested in the church until he received his very own materials. He read the ENTIRE Gospel Principals manual and looked up all of the scriptures as he read.....cover to cover. What a prepared young man!
This is the Los Chorros Waterfall located just outside of Grecia. It was a beautiful place for Jose Luis to be baptized. We have to admit that it was a bit of a steamy and muddy hike to reach the falls, but the view was absolutely breathtaking.
Here are some of us hiking in. You can see Elder Munroe in the distance carrying his white clothing for the baptismal service.
Elder Munroe, Jose Luis and his 3 brothers who are not members of the church but wanted to attend to support their brother.
Elder and Sister Munroe with Jose Luis.....
Elder Munroe, Jose Luis, Elder Belmont, and Elder Logan before the baptism.....
Getting ready and in place for the baptism....
Elder and Sister Munroe.........
Los Chorros Waterfall.....
Hermana Lewis, a member of the branch that Jose Luis attends, serving cakes that she made.
The Elders helping out with the refreshments.

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  1. that has got to be the most beautiful baptism i have ever seen! wow! :) awesome!
    i must admit... i laughed out loud when i saw mikes flip floppers ! but he was actually the only smart one who could flip them off in a second. the others probably had to cop a squat in the mud to untie their shoes! lol!!