Monday, June 28, 2010

Zona Los Santos

We are serving in the Zona Los Santos region of Costa Rica. It is high in the mountains, south of San Jose, the nations capital. Small towns named after Saints are scattered all over the valleys and ridges with coffee plantations surrounding them. We live in San Pablo, next to San Marcos and San Maria, which are all in the same valley. It is extremely green here and rivers and creeks are everywhere. Beautiful flowers grow in the fields and along the roads. Pat almost faints each time she sees them because she would normally pay a pretty price for them in the states and here she is walking on top of them because they are so abundant. It is also nice to have fresh fruit daily. It can't can any fresher than just picking it from the tree, can it? Avocados, mangoes, etc. We have even seen many Noni trees with fruit. The scenery is beautiful and we truly feel that we live in paradise. The best news that the weather is nice and cool here!